How we work with you

Our process can vary slightly depending on what package you book with us. The below process is how we manage a Design & Plan booking. If you have any questions on how we work then please reach out to the team or book your free consultation meeting.



We will confirm your booking and provide you with all the information you need and next steps.


Our initial consultation will take place to ensure you have selected the correct and best-suited package to your needs. We will also start to understand what it is you are looking for an if there are any specific requirements you already had in mind.


We will use all the information gathered at our initial consultation to pull together a Wedding Brief of all your requirements and our discussions so far to ensure nothing is overlooked.

At this point, we will provide a number of supplier proposals for you to take a look at so we can get meetings with them scheduled. We do this with all our couples so you can meet the suppliers (and even have some taster sessions with the catering) and have complete peace of mind.


Things are starting to get very exciting. It's time to meet the proposed suppliers, see what they can offer, taste some mouth-watering food and visit some potential (or your chosen) venue.


It's time to choose your suppliers and confirm the venue having experienced all they have to offer. We will work through their pricing with you and the various options so you can make a completely informed decision on what you want. Once confirmed we will make the required bookings with them all so you don't have to worry.


We thrive on making sure our clients have everything they need all the way through their experience with us. That's why we provide a detailed payment schedule for staged payments so that there are no hidden surprises and you can plan your wedding budget from start to finish.

The schedule will tell you what payments are due and when so you can budget accordingly.


We will continue to have regular catch-up meetings with you either face to face or contact-free via Video call if you prefer. This allows us to ensure we keep you up to date with progress and gives us the opportunity to discuss any requirements with you further. Keeping you in control the whole time.


Rehearsals are normally arranged with the registrar and venue to ensure you know and understand how the formal part of the day will go. We can attend if you wish, it's up to you but we will make sure this all get's scheduled in for you and you know what to expect. We can also meet you at your venue for a walk through of how the day will be setup.


Yes! It's Wedding Day time! How exciting! We will attend on the day to ensure all the suppliers have arrived, are set up with time to spare and that any last minute issues are ironed out, ensuring your day runs smoothly. It also means you have a single point of contact should you need anything. We normally stay until the first dance and will then leave you and your guests to enjoy the evening.


We can arrange to send thank you cards for your guests. It's up to you. We normally at this stage just get some feedback and make sure you were 100% happy with how everything went so we can continue to offer show stopping service to our future couples.