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Updated: Feb 14

Isn't that a bit boring?

Ok, so it doesn't always sound like the most important or even the most exciting part of a wedding but actually, there is more fun in it that you would maybe first think.

Have a think about what is covered under stationery for a wedding though and you might just find your creative juices flowing and some excitement coming to the forefront of your thoughts. Stationery covers lots of different elements but here is a list to just name a few:

  • Save the Date

  • Day Time Invitations

  • Evening Invitations

  • Seating Plans

  • Menu's

  • Thank you Cards

  • Favour Bags & Tags

  • Place Names

  • Table Name / Number Cards

  • Guest Book

Where do I start?

We are going to focus on just a few today and give you some insights into the different types and options available out there. At Sofia Brooke, we partner with stationery suppliers but also offer a variety of bespoke in house options so drop us a note via our website chat if you want to speak to someone.

Should I shop around?

Pricing can really fluctuate between suppliers so it is worth shopping around for the best deal. It's important to stress though that you shouldn't just go on price as the quality is important here! We've had many clients over the years that have bought cheap

eBay options only to throw them away and buy something a little more premium (not all

eBay options are bad though of course and you generally get what you pay for). If a deal seems to cheap it probably is poor quality. Paper and Card supply is the most costly element for suppliers in producing these products and pricing for these products through the mill or distributors tend to carry a similar price tag for a like for like product.

Styles for consideration...

Let's take a look at some fab options for invitations. We've handpicked some different styles below to give you a flavour for what's out there. Don't worry though if you have something specific in mind as some suppliers provide a bespoke design to give you exactly what you want if it's not available off the shelf.

We hope you've enjoyed our latest instalment in our Spotlight Series. If our team can help at all please let us know! We are here to help.

The Sofia Brooke Events Team x

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